Saturday, June 23, 2012

Recent Moroccan tape blog roundup

Hi everyone. I was a little busy and distracted in the late spring, and my posts have been sporadic of late. But summer is officially here, and I should have something new for ya later this weekend.

In the meantime, sending out props for some great Moroccan tape-cd-lp posts over the last few weeks. If you missed these, do yourself a favor and check 'em out!!

Mr. Tear at Snap, Crackle & Pop served up a slice of old-school rock 'n' rai from the Frères Bouchenak c.1984. Similar to what Raina Rai were doing across the border in Sidi Bel Abbes, the Bouchenak brothers in Oujda were playing their rai with a full rock band (complete with ripping electric guitar solos). The Bouchenaks would abandon this format for the prevailing synthesizer-based format a few years later. Great to hear this oldie! Check it out here.

Gary at Bodega Pop dropped this goodie from the kings of aita marswawiya, the Ouled Bouazzaoui. These are all remakes of songs recorded in the past by Bouchaib el Bidaoui. Khaled, the singer/violist of the group, sounds so much like Bouchaib el Bidaoui, it's scary! Great to have some hi-fi versions of these old school classics! Check it out here.

Brian at Awesome Tapes from Africa laid down this one from the reigning diva of Middle Atlas tamazight song, Hadda Ouakki. A bit heavy on the synth violins for my taste, but her voice remains in great form! Dig it here.

And finally, Abdel at FolkMusicSMB rolled out this unbelievably great Hamid Zahir album! As I mentioned in my last post, it's nice when Zahir stretches his chaabi chops and veers away from his usual dkitikat-based typical Marrakchi street & party singalongs. There are some almost aita-ish melodies on this one - well worth a listen! Connect here.


  1. > السي عبدالله السلام عليكم ورحمة الله،تبرك الله عليك والله يحفظك على الصفحة الممتازة
    > والإختيار الراقي والذوق المميز والسليم،الله يحفظك .
    > السي عبدالله أنا، وأعود بالله من كلمة أنا، عبدالله من دسلدورف بألمانيا ما سبق لينا تراسلنا من قبل هادي أول مرة.
    > خويا لعزيز واش ممكن أطلب منك طلب؟ أنا شفت في صفحتك
    > وضعت أشرطة كاسيط من بينهم كاسيط واش عندك شي من هده النوادر خاصة أن بناصروخويا وحادة وعكي +خدوج الزمورية عملوا أغاني مشتركة . السي عبدالله واش ممكن تزودني بهده الكاسيطات الله يحفظك ويحفظ ليك والديك
    > ويحفظلك كل عزيز عليك يارب .هاذ الكاسيطات راهم كانو عندي وكانو عزازن علييّ بزاف..لكن سرقوهم مني وإختفى أثرهم بلا رجعة... لما شفت في صفحتك
    > وقلت لنفسي سأكتب لك عسى أن يجد طلبي عندك قبول وتحقق لي حلم دكريات ضاعت مني بحت عنها ولم
    > أجدها إلا في صفحتك.السي عبدالله أنا مستعد لتنفيد أي أمر تطلبه مني .هل تقبل أخي الكريم
    > أنتظر جوابك الكريم و أنت تأمر أنتظر جوابك إنشاء الله يارب يكون مفرح ،والسلام عليكم

  2. That's a nice roster of 'Morocool' stuff, Tim. Reals.

    I can translate what Anonymous up there has written to you in case you couldn't decipher his writing. (Note: it's a request by a Moroccan expat who lives in Dusseldorf, Germany).

    By the way, I know am such a lazy no-goodnik because eh... that Gnawa post was supposed to be up and running last week. It was a busy week in all honesty, but today, and after seeing your post here I know that I have to work on it and finish it. It's very huge: over 130 MSWord pages written so far on the matter! Not just that: I have a secondary post with well over 500 old pictures of Mauresque women that I have specially-prepared in a separate post to show for all as a hefty bonus.

    As for now... wish me luck.

    Have a 'beatiful' day.


  3. Bonjour,
    J’ai référencé votre blog dans un agrégateur que j'ai ouvert il y a 5 mois. Dites moi si vous d’accord pour y être présent et si vous pouvez me mettre un lien dans votre bloglist, merci d’avance.

  4. Hiya
    you're directly resposible for helping me discover Hamid Zahir. Thank you so much! Do you know why can't i find any CDs of his to BUY?

  5. And the latest at Awesome Tapes