Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fatima Zehafa - Ya Lghadi Ou Ljai

The Arab Tunes blog recently shared some excellent 45s by the great shikha Fatima Zehafa. I have one 45 of hers too, and I'm pretty crazy about it, so I'm sharing that one here. Hope you enjoy it!

Fatima Zehafa (فاطمة الزحافة) - Ya Lghadi Ou Ljai (Moussaouiphone 2848 AB)
1) Ya Lghadi Ou Ljai
2) Al Khadem

Get it all here.


  1. Simply great. I was looking for this 7" . Thank you so much

  2. Just now getting to this one and those on Arab Tunes -- so great ... thank you, both!