Monday, July 15, 2013

El Madad Ya Rasul Allah - El Haj Muhammad Bouzoubaa

Here's some nice religious chaâbi-amdah for ya from Muhammad Bouzoubaa (b.1940, Fes). Bouzoubaa grew up in the milhun tradition and his chaâbi stylings stay toward the classical Andalusian and milhun end of the spectrum. He's particularly known for his religious odes (amdah), 3 of which are included here. I found this out-of-print (outside of Morocco, at least) Tichkaphone CD in Berkeley!

There's more nice Bouzoubaa over at Yala.
And Toukadime recently uploaded some sweet vintage Bouzoubaa vinyl rips to YouTube.
And head over to Bouzoubaa's Facebook page to find a 2-part video biography (in Arabic) from Moroccan television.

Ramadan Mubarak to those celebrating, and best wishes and blessings to all!

Hajj Muhammad Bouzoubaa - El Madad Ya Rasul Allah

1) El Madad Ya Rasul Allah (excerpt below)

2) Ala M'habtek Ya Rasul Allah
3) Ya Jenna Ya Naïma

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