Sunday, April 24, 2016

More of that Slinky Middle Atlas Guitar - Moulay Ahmed Elhassani

Here's a 2009 tape from guitarist/singer Moulay Ahmed Elhassani. An early tape of his was featured in one of the first posts on Moroccan Tape Stash. That tape featured singing in Tamazight. It seems that over the years he has produced more albums like this one, singing in Arabic rather than in Tamazight.

News out of Beni Mellal recently has been unpleasant, though some positive outcomes ultimately emerged. Let's enjoy some bluesy Mellali tunes and hope for safer, more tolerant and groovy times ahead.

Moulay Ahmed Elassani - لفنان مولاي أحمد الحسني
Passeport Bla Chane - باسبور بلا شان

Tasjilate Alhane Alhassani cassette BMDA 302.06 (2009)

1) Passeport Bla Chane - باسبور بلا شان
2) Qtlatha Leghbina - قتلاتها الغبینة
3) Raha Telget - راها طلقت
4) Taârida
5) Ach Dani Leblad Had Ennas - اشداني لبلاد الناس
6) Lguelb el M’alem - القلب مألم
7) Assbar Ikafih Llah - الصبار إكافيه الله
8) Taârida

Get it all here.