Saturday, May 9, 2020

Allahuma Selli 3la Nnbi - Al Haj Saîd Berrada

For your Ramadan pleasure, here's a nice tape from Al Haj Said Berrada. The Fes-based Aissawi moqaddem here gives us one side of verses dedicated to God and the Prophet, and one side of trance music including the Aissawa take on Sidi Mimoun the Gnawi.

Enjoy, stay safe, be well, and we'll dance together on the other side of all this!

Al Haj Saîd Berrada الحاج سعيد برادة
Allahuma Selli 3la Nnbi اللهم صلي على النبي
Fes Maatic cassette

1) Allahuma Selli 3la Nnbi اللهم صلي على النبي
   3ashqi ou Ghrami f-Rasul Allah عشقي و غرامي في رسول الله   
   A Rebbi ya Moulay أربي يا مولاي
   Allah Daim الله رايم
2) Almjerred المجرد
3) Lgnawi Baba Mimoun الکناوي بابا ميمون
   Allah Moulana Llah الله مولانا الله

Get it all HERE.