Monday, February 22, 2016

It's Oumguil Time

What time is it? Make no mistake - the watch on the left wrist, the drawing on the cassette shell, the festive star- and comet-shaped holes in the shell, all of them leave you no doubt that it's Oumguil time!

When is Oumguil time? When that Middle Atlas bendir-driven groove kicks it off, when Mustapha calls out the name of your town, be it Ouled Youssef, Fkih Ben Salah, Khouribga, Tangier, or even Milano, when he calls out "Aji nqessrou, rah ellil tawil / Wa khuya nnsaou fih lmachakil (Come on let's stay up, the night is long / Brother, we'll forget our troubles in it)" - yep, it's Oumguil o'clock!

Add this one to the previous Oumguil twofer we served up - You've got yourself a good night's worth of shimmying and derdeg-ing. Enjoy!

Mustapha Oumguil - Âmmer Daoud Ma Iâoud (Tassjilat El Hajeb cassette 28/10, 2010)
1) Elli Ma Jal Ma Âref Bhaqq Errjal
2) Khrejti Âliha ya Ellil
3) Awah Awah Ktab Âliya
4) Âmmer Daoud Ma Iâoud
5) Aji Nqessrou Rah Ellil Tawil
6) Zaêri

Get it all here.