Friday, April 6, 2012

Great few weeks for Moroccan Stashes!

Wow - props to my blogosphere colleagues for a bumper few weeks of Moroccan grooves! Well worth checking out:

Snap, Crackle & Pop
Mr. Tear over at Snap, Crackle & Pop is back from a recent Morocco trip and promises to share some goodies in the weeks to come. If the current offerings are any indication, these should be fantastic! Already up is the Mustapha Baqbou tape pictured above - IF YOU LIKE GNAWA MUSIC, YOU NEED THIS TAPE!! This is my all-time favorite Baqbou tape - stunning virtuosity on the guinbri, masterful control of dynamics and drama, passionate singing, and songs from deep in the Ghaba suite! I lost my copy about 15 years back - so happy to hear this again. Also up at SC&P is a lovely album by the group Izmaz - an intense yet laid back offering from one of the '70s folk revival groups. 

Bodega Pop
Gary recently dropped a CD by old-school amarg artist Rais (Hajj) Omar Wahrouche. These are some great recordings, well worth a listen!

Still digesting this huge cache of Jil Jilala tunes over at Hammer's. Some of it familiar, some of it very obscure!

See ya soon!


  1. That Audiotopia blog is such a rip off of Holy Warbles! How ironic that Hammer seemed to be the Owl's biggest critic, only to completely jack his swag :) Best not to associate with that racist, hate-mongering loser. Just a heads up Tim

  2. Hahaha! How on earth should I be a rip-off of H.W. when not one album I upped was on any of his posts, plus... I really don't give a fuck about who he is, what he has done, or how he's disappeared rather mysteriously. Ergh? Care to share bubba boi?

    Heads-Up? Leave that sci-fi shyat to film-blogs, dearest RRR. Wonder if the triple R's is short for anything other than Racist? Rip-Off? Hmm, and the last R? (Always) Right?

    Get real.


  3. Hold on... I guess I figured out what does that Triple-R had in his/her/its wandering mind:
    It's the дևծιστøρία itself! Holy Schmoly! सølγ שаябlɛş and дևծιστøρία is where the 'rip-off' claim came from. And the racism? Hmm, I once called a 'nigger' a 'nigger'. Lol. The hate-mongering part... I guess you can associate with the racism, I am sure.

    I said that just to announce the absolute uselessness of some folks in America: them thar white-trash, blue-collared, and red-neck-y ten-a-bob WFMU radio-blog users, and how they want to stand out as 'cool' listening to what was called at one point in time 'Race Records'. That, or same-ol'-same-ol' hick songs. Americans are typically stupid; intrepidly angry, anyways.

    The advent of springtime also called for some change in the letterings of the name of my blog into something else... that might stand out as something else IYKWIM.

    Eh, now I know. Dear shit! Some on-line people are really taking the Net for seriousness!

    Get real, son.


  4. Away from Amer-Hatred and bullshack... and, as a dedication to your work Tim... I posted a small Mustapha Baqbu post in my joint.

    Check it out.

    Stay tuned for more as we also will stay tuned for more of your wonderful posts.



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  6. Thanks for the mention Tim, I'm glad you're appreciating these (re)discoveries.

  7. Yup, Hammer is a total copycat. He even steals much of Owl's slang. What a poser. Sorry Hamhock, you don't have enough substance to be convincing. You come off as disgruntled, sexually frustrated, aging hipster desperately trying to make anyone care about you :-) Such a hypocrite too. No one cares!

  8. That's just amazing how so many Americunts try so hard at trying hard... at convincing the world that there's something going on in their measly, retarded, bleh-inducing hick lives.

    About slang:
    I am the top-most editor since 2001 at the world's best slanguage dictionary [urbandictionary]. I talk like a hipster? Hmm, wonder out loud where one would get this from, unless... on-line fuck-sniffs really has gone way too far at their worship of that now-deceased Holy-Warbles whatchamacallit.

    Copycat? Not at all. I avert the opposite. Because, western people are actually nothing but copy cats with no religion. I am a solid mutha, babe: IDGAF, and most people do follow my lead in real life, meatspace. Leave on-line fantasies to porn and crappy doo-dahs like what you all use the Net for.

    Stealing? Knocking style? Hypocrite? Sexually who? And eh, Hamhock? How fucking stupid are you, 'zactly? And, are you trying in all reality to come out as funny, random, and a wannabe coolio about it, son? Ah, "poser"? They don't spell this non-slang word this way, dick-weasel. Learn. Go crack a fucking book, 'kays? Wait! Are you 12?

    Again, and for the effteenth time: if you are angry, bored, stupid-on-any-happy-Sunday, shit-between-the-ears-and-out-the-nose, ugly, pathetically lonely, nookieless... etc, do yourself and the world a favour:
    Roll yourselves into one big fuckball and die. You are a waste of dear dear oxygen, babes.

    Slang? Call these 'oxygen thieves', mind ya.

    Tim, I know mangina... I am using this as if it was a chat flame-athon. Honesty to be given here, I really don't care. All I am here is music. Point.

    Your site is great. Some of its users, though are pathetic. That's all ya man.

    Accept my sincerest apologies for spamming this comment box.


  9. One last remark:
    Stop using smileys as if this was a chat-site. ":)", ":-)" etc... as as old as the doo-doo birds.

    Grow a brain. Really. And, psst... Y U SO MADDD?

    *shakes his head in total apathy* what a retardoonery!


  10. @Tim:
    Man, please with sugar on top, maple syrup, sprinkle candy... whatever...

    Remove all of these unnecessary comments. Refresh and Reload ma friend. Thanks.

    Note: that Gnawa post has taken a lot of time to write. But, be assured that it will amaze even specialists like your very esteemed self here, sir.
    I saw your website (, and listened to some of the audio snippets in it, and truth be said here... You do rock! Good music. I also have read your dissertation and it's a good introduction to that musical genre. Still, there is a lot left to be said.

    Hope I would make it by the weekend and that you can read my own point of view on this subject.

    Take care till then.


    1. I found this "apathy" very amusing. Thanks for the lulz, big man on Urban Pictionary. Here's Urban Dick's own definition of Hamma:

      "One sad motherfucker with no life as seen by his 501,337 decisions (316 per day) he made as an Urban dictionary editor. Assuming he made 316 decisions every day, he would have to had spent 1587 days to get to that number, that's 4.3 years of nonstop editing 24/7. It's obvious to all that he doesn't get out much."


  11. The difference between Audiotopia and Holy Warbles is that Hammer actually writes and researches obscure stuff...unlike the "owl" who merely uploaded liner notes and wrote meaningless hipster slang. I don't recall Holy Warbles ever doing anything original, he was merely an aggregator, which is fine. But you can't really claim Audiotopia is a rip-off when he's presenting original research and unreleased recordings.