Saturday, February 23, 2013

Maâlem Abdelkader Amlil - Gnawa from Rabat

I've been continuing to explore the offerings over at GnawaMaVie's channel on YouTube. There are a few recordings from the Rabat-based maâlem Abdelkader Amlil. Like the musicians I mentioned in my recent post about GnawaMaVie, Maâlem Abdelkader isn't often heard on commercial recordings outside of Morocco. 

I put together a playlist of about 2-1/2 hours of music from one lila performance, very nicely recorded. Many of the songs feature the fantastic Marrakchi singer Saîd Damir a.k.a. "Saghot", (He takes over the lead singing in clip number 4 of the playlist.) It's a striking performance - many of the pieces are played at a very slow tempo, allowing the singing to shine.

I have one cassette of Maâlem Abdelkader in the stash. It dates from around 2001 and features two long tracks. Hope you enjoy!

01) Shorfa (excerpt below)

02) Hamdouchia

Get it all here.


  1. this is so amazing, thank you deeply for posting this! the tape especially! such positive vibes.

  2. Hey Tim,
    thanks for posting another wonderful gnawa cassette. I'm also really loving the GnawaMaVie channel. I wondered whether you have checked out this fella's channel:
    Lots of good stuff to explore!

  3. Glad y'all are enjoying this one!

    Hey Mr. T - yeah, CafeMatich has oceans of great Gnawa recordings - I'm beginning to dip into that as well!

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