Sunday, March 31, 2013

Best Ever Najat Aâtabou Tape!

This is my favorite album by one of my favorite artists. If you're new to Najat, check here for my intro to her and her work. If you know her already, you know about her stunning voice, her groundbreaking songwriting, and the killer Middle Atlas grooves she rides.

This is, I believe, her second album, and it's a classic. The four great songs are performed in long versions, with no-nonsense arrangements, allowing singer and oud player to stretch out, ride the groove, and build intensity. The big hit was "Shoufi Ghirou", and fantastic it is. My fave track, though is the lead-off "Ach Dart Ana" ("What Did I Do?") - Mother, what did I do? By God, I haven't grown tired of you. This separation was brought upon us by the Lord.

I would have posted this earlier, but I've managed to lose the j-card somewhere in the stash, and it's a beautiful one. I kept hoping it would turn up, but to no avail. The only image I could find of it was on a rip of the cassette posted on Daily Motion:

The  inside of the j-card features a lovely photo of a heartbroken Najat (with modern coif and dress) embracing a woman in a traditional jellaba. The embraced woman is shown from behind, so we don't see her face. It always seemed to me that the photo was meant to go with the song "Ach Dart Ana", posing a hope for reconciliation that isn't found in the song itself. If I ever find that j-card, I'll be sure to scan it for ya. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I do!

01) Ash Dart Ana
02) Shoufi Ghirou
03) Lin Hroubi
04) Ezzaida Melami

Get 'em all here.
More Najat in the stash here.


  1. Oh yeah! I'm a big Najat fan. This is spectacular. Thanks!

  2. Awesome! Super love for her. Thanks, Tim!

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  4. halo and great thanks for this blog.
    I am searching for some taps of the 90s moroccan pop band Aflak, if you can find some please share it.

  5. Halo
    Talking about the 90s, I'm wondering if you can find some songs of Tyoussi who was very known by the song "Ya Semra"
    Many Thanks M. Abdellah

  6. Thank you for sharing this great music!

  7. Glad y'all liked this one! I used to have a tape of Aflak, but it's either buried somewhere deep in the stash or has disappeared from my collection. Don't have anything by Tyoussi, unfortunately.