Friday, February 28, 2014

Daleks vs Gnawa in the Time Vortex (apologies to Muluk el Hwa)

Daleks battle Gnawa folk revivalists Muluk el Hawa for galactic domination on the battlefield of audio tape in the late '80s or early '90s. Although Daleks get the final word in the fade-out of side 2, Gnawa, by expressing their devotion to the Prophet and calling on the saints, avoid extermination and ultimately win out. Gnawa go on to get their own festival in Essaouira in 1998. Daleks must wait until 2005 to re-invade world consciousness with the return of Doctor Who to the BBC airwaves. Yes, Gnawa and Daleks both live to battle another day.

Which is to say, this is a very nice tape of traditional Gnawa songs by the band Muluk el Hwa, but it happens to be marred (or enhanced, depending on your taste) by the dissolving out of and into 1:35 of strange, beautiful and menacing audio distortion at the beginning of side 1 and the end of side 2.

Enjoy.  Enjoy.  E...  Ex..  EXTERMINATE!!

Muluk el Hwa (SL384)
01 Âli (=Yomala)
02 Laghmami (=Baba Lghmami -> Siyaf)
03 Zid el Mal
04 Allah Allah Moulana (=Khali Mbara Meskin)
05 Ahayo (excerpt below)

06 Baniya (=Ouled Bambara -> Baniya)

Get it all here.

And if you need more Dalek sounds:


  1. thanks a lot, that's so much amazing music needed to be dug! merci de Paris