Monday, September 7, 2015

Stati Abdelaziz - Fine Rahma Yal Gloub

Ah! This is a great album by "The Pioneer of Popular Song", Stati Abdelaziz. Always keeping it rootsy and acoustic, Stati rocks harder than many an auto-tuned viola wielding chaâbi singer half his age. (We've featured Stati in the stash previously, here.)

This album has been a favorite of mine since it came out in 2001. Memorable melodies and undeniable grooves. Somehow the cassette disappeared a few years back, and I was left with only the j-card. Then a few weeks ago, I found this cassette in the trunk of my car:

Not sure how it got there - it's not my copy. Mine was on the Moroccan label Aarbaouiphone, while this one is a French edition on SACEM. But hey, I'll take it, and I'm happy to share it here. It ain't perfect (there are a number of dropouts on Side 2), but it's great to hear it again. Hope you enjoy it.

Stati Abdelaziz - Fine Rahma Yal Gloub (Aarbaouiphone 004/01 or SACEM EV01/179 cassette)
01) Derni Hali
02) Âzibou Fel Milha
03) Fine Rahma Yal Gloub
04) Ouassalni Klamek
05) Ktir Alik Ya Galbi

Get it here.

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