Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rouicha Mohamed - Instrumental Musical Masterpieces

For those of you following the US elections: Haven't you had enough already? Haven't you already decided who you're voting for? Aren't you tired of the 24-7 stream of horrible words, words, words from candidates and pundits?

Wouldn't you rather just sit back and listen to a full album's worth of sublime riffing and groovemaking, all instrumental with no words, from the undisputed king of the lotar?

Enjoy. You deserve it. We all do.

Rouicha Mohamed (رويشة محمد) - Instrumental Musical Masterpieces (روائع المعزوفات الموسيقية)
(Tichkaphone cassette TCK 1196)

Track 2 (of 2)

Get it all here.


  1. Really excited to hear this one Tim, thank you.

  2. Well written Tim

    great tape, I had the chance to buy that very tape in Marrakch, one year ago. Any chances to get some other instrumental lothar from the king?


    1. I think that's only all-instrumental tape I have of Rouicha. But I've been wrong before - I'll keep my eyes and ears open!

  3. This one is a good music that touches heart. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes we do deserve, thank you Tim. Been following your blog for years, greetings and love from Saudi Arabia.