Sunday, March 4, 2018

Najat Aâtabou - Nouveau 92 Videos

Glad y'all enjoyed the last Najat Aâtabou post. I'm working on new post about her recordings from the 1990s - keep an eye out for that soon.

In the meantime, while searching for things online, I stumbled across a set of video clips that were filmed to songs from the Nouveau 92 album. Thanks to YouTube user moussa barça for collecting and sharing these:


  1. talking about videos, there is a najat aatabou dvd from 2004 called "Marokko Swingt"...i seem to remember it having english subtitles. Here's the protional blurb:

    "“I’ve had it.” With this secretly recorded and illegally distributed song, Najat Aâtabou shocked the whole of Morocco twenty years ago. Her parents cried bitterly, her brothers threatened to kill her. Najat Aâtabou fled her native village of Khemisset in the Mid-Atlas and had to live underground in Casablanca for three years. By now she is a celebrity in the entire Arab world, as well as for the Moroccan community in Europe. In May 2004, Najat Aâtabou gave a master class to four young female Moroccan-Dutch singers in Amsterdam. ‘Marokko swingt’ is about music but also about the life of Najat Aâtabou and the young Moroccan-Dutch singers. The latter want to take pride in their Moroccan background, but through contact with the Moroccan superstar they realise just how westernised they are. At first, the encounter with Najat Aâtabou only seems to deepen their conflict within themselves; it does nevertheless lead to a happy end. In this swinging film, Morocco and Holland clash in a positive way. "

    1. I only recently heard about this film! I hope I'll have a chance to see it some day - sounds really interesting.

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