Saturday, August 20, 2022

Abdelkader Ariaf - Mlih Mlih

Here's a nice album of Riffi pop tracks from singer/songwriter Abdelkader Ariaf. I picked this up in Tangier in 2001. 

Ariaf was born in Nador and lives in Rotterdam [1]. His Facebook page indicates that he performs often in Europe, but I could find little biographical information about him online. There are a couple of video interviews with him on YouTube ([1], [2]), but they were in Tarriffit (which I don't speak) and did not appear to address the beginnings of his career or its trajectory. He first traveled to Europe in the year 2000, but I don't know how long he's been living there. 

Ariaf is active on social media (Facebook, YouTube, TikTok), and continues to release new music. In addition to YouTube, much of his music can be found on the international streaming platforms (Apple, Spotify, Amazon), including albums that date back to 1996. This particular album doesn't seem to be available anywhere.


Abdelkader Ariaf
Mlih - Mlih

Disco Melilia cassette

A1 Wazzay Adhzouigh وزي أذزويغ
A2 Amsrqigh أمسرقيغ
A3 Adhqsagh Idoudan أذقسغ إضوضان
B1 Thite Inou ثيط إينو
B2 Allah Ihennik الليهنيك
B3 Mlih Mlih مليح مليح

320 | FLAC

[1] "Welcome Thamazight  ويكلوم تمازيغت" Episode 8 الحلقة الثامنة, Directed by Said Azar إخراج سعيد أزار, SNRT 8 Tamazight 2020.

[2]  "Abdelkader Ariaf عبد القادر أرياف", Episode of "Rqehwa Akd Unazur قهوة مع فنان", Directed by Mourad Mimouni إخراج مراد ميموني, NadorCity 2015.

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