Sunday, December 3, 2023

Fatima Tamrrakchit

Fatima Tamrrakchit cassette j-card

This tape comes to us from... well, down the street in El Cerrito, California, where I found and purchased it! This is a swell album from singer Fatima Tamrrakchit. The texture on every song is a bit different - there's always some combination of the typical Soussi amarg ensemble (rrbab fiddle, lotar lute or banjo) with additional instruments (electric guitar, a violin, maybe that was a sythn banjo, and some sort of bass instrument - it's a bit deep in the mix (which is fine), it could be a keyboard, or it might be a big Gnawa guinbri). The percussionists keep things lively and at times wild.

I found very little information about Fatima Tamrrakchit online. From what I gather from YouTube and TikTok comment, she died at a young age in April 1998.

There is another singer with the same name who is currently active but who should not be confused with the first Fatima Tamrrakchit.

Digital Mastering Note: I used the new "Mastering Assistant" that was released in the latest update of Logic Pro X. Part of the tool is an AI-driven analysis that can produce a custom EQ for whatever you're working on. Sort of freaks me out, but it's also kind of amazing. I used it here, and I think it sounds pretty good. You can find all of these tracks on YouTube, if you don't like this. (The YouTube clips are probably from a better source than my tape here anyway, but y'all come here for a bit of that analog patina, right?)

Hope you and your loved ones are well. Praying for a just peace.

Fatima Tamrrakchit فاطمة تمراكشيت

Production Disco cassette PD47

A1 Takat Ah Igh Trgha Dora
A2 Dounit Ra Tzri
B1 Or Sarn Orrigh Lhob

B2 Awino Samhiyi Samhaghak
B3 Lhem Ortn Sol Nra

FLAC | 320


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