Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rouicha - Ayam Essghur Zina

Here's a nice album from the late, sorely-missed Rouicha. I picked this up in 2012 - The Tichkaphone catalog number seems to indicate (from my estimate) that it dates from the mid-1990s.

I particularly like the opening lotar solo on track 2 - Rouicha has such a fluid, rapid, percussive strum, it sounds almost flamenco! (Or maybe it's just that the melody sounds like the Concierto de Aranjuez...) At any rate, enjoy!

We've got more Rouicha in the stash here and here. And Yala has scads of Rouicha available for listening, though not this particular album.

Rouicha Mohamed - Tichkaphone TCK 1241
Ayam Essghur Zina ( أيام الصغر زينة)

01 Ayam Essghur Zina
02 Suwwelt Rasi Lyoum (excerpt below)
03 Feen Tghib Lahbib
04 Khellit Sammu7 Same7ni

Get it here.


  1. I love Rouicha and any (new to me) of his, is joyously welcomed.
    Many thanks Tim.

  2. سلام عليكم شكرا جزيلا اريد ان اتحدث مع مسؤول الصفحة
    هذا حسابي على الفيسبةك وشكرا

  3. كل آلبوم لهالفنان كنز، الله يرحمه

  4. wawwww, thnx for this great stuff

    الله يرحمه

  5. Dans la tradition de Rouicha, jetez une oreille ici: