Monday, June 10, 2013

Bnate Houara - Yeah!

Ya know 'em, ya love 'em! Here's another vintage cassette of houariyat songs. These are all in the standard 6/8 chaâbi rhythm. None of the mind-warping songs in 7/4 -> 10/8 rhythms, which Alaa Sagid identified as "houari tqil" and "houari khfif" in an earlier houariyat post. Still, the groove is undeniable, and these Marrakchiyat pour some crazy energy into it. And when they shift melodic gears mid-song and soar off in a completely unrelated key (see embedded track at 4:27)...  Yeah!!

By the way, the lovely j-card graphic shows two ladies clapping on the ramparts at Essaouira. I don't think this music is typically found as far west as Essaouira - I always understood it to be centered around Marrakech and the surrounding countryside. The tape itself is produced in Marrakech.

Oh, and if the clapping ladies were actually standing on the ramparts as pictured here, they would be at least 35 feet tall.

Track 2 (of 6)

Get it all here.


  1. Beautiful cassette, Tim.



  2. It's wonderful chokrane bezafff khoya abdellah .... have you got an other Cassette houariyat please ???? Thanks

  3. It's so great that you are posting again, Tim!!!

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