Saturday, January 22, 2022

Haj Abdelmoghit - Star of the Âita Bidaouia

2 long tracks of 21st century âita & chaâbi for your pleasure, from the microphone of Haj Abdelmoghit. I know I tend to wax nostalgic for the era of electric guitars and raucous drum kits in chaâbi, but I am not immune to the joys of more recent stylings. This album keeps it real with a viola, some light keyboard (and yeah, a synth bass), heavy on the percussion, and isn't that a drum kit down there in the mix? This works for me. And the album has the flow of an actual live set of music as you'd hear it in performance: begin with something slow and heavy, move through several songs, connected via violin-driven instrumental passages as the tempo speeds up and the sung call/response phrases get shorter and shorter, and ending at blistering speed with a punchy rhythmic phrase to cue the end of the song.

Ah that good âita bidaouia feeling! Abdelmoghit Essaidi (b. 1965, Casablanca) quit his bank job to pursue a career singing it. He's enjoyed great success as a real crowd-pleaser of course at weddings but also at concerts (such as the big Mawazine Festival in 2017). And he has even become a favorite among the Moroccan royals, performing at the wedding of Princess Lalla Soukaina in 2013.

Several of his albums can be streamed at Ournia:

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Abdelmoghit عبد المغيت
Najm al Âita al Bidaouia نجم العيطة البيضاوية

Moughitphone 20/06/07 مغيت فون


Side A
 Settat Bladi السطات بلادي
 Nti ou Ana انتي وانا
 Souhaba الصوحابة
 Irjaâ Oulad Bladi ارجع اولاد بلادي
 Touachi تواشي

Side B
 Hani Mourak Hani Kdamek هاني موراك هاني كدامك
 Moula Âin Ettout مولا عين التوت
 Lemouima الميمة
 Al Âar al Hbab العار الحباب
 Chibani الشيباني
 Touachi التواشي

320 | FLAC


  1. ياريت البوم بنات الخومة و يعلم الله للفنانة نجاة اعتابو،رجاء